3, 4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate

3,4-Dimethylpyrazole (phosphate) (3,4-DMPP) is an inhibitor of nitrification deemed safe by extensive standard toxicology and ecotoxicology tests. 1When utilized oncrops, 3,4-DMPP prevents nitrogen loss from soil, increases nitrogen use efficiency, and boosts crop yields. However, a meta-analysis found no influence of 3,4-DMPP on net crop yield, although it may boost yields in alkaline soil. 3,4-DMPP may be less effective in acidic soils and in the post-harvest period. DMPP interferes with ammonia monooxygenase from ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and archaea (AOA) but may not directly affect AOB, AOA, and non-target populations.

DMPP 1H-Pyrazole, 3,4-dimethyl-, phosphate (1:1)

Based on the principle of soil colloid adsorption of ammonium ion addition of nitrification inhibitor DMPP in fertilizer, control of ammonium into nitrate, and you realize a stable supply of nitrogen, reduce the leaching loss of nitrate,nitrogen oxide emissions, in order to improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer, Protect environment, promoting agricultural development objective.DMPP use plant absorption enhancing effects of ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen, obtain synergistic benefits, in reducing nitrogen and alsoimprove crop yield.

Product name3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate; DMPP
CAS No202842-98-6
EINECS NO424-640-9
Molecular FormulaC5H11N2O4P
Molecular weight194.12
Melting point167.0-169.0℃
Packing25kg/Cardboard drum or kraft paper bag;
DescriptionWhite or off white crystalline powder
Loss on Drying≦1.0%
usageNitrification inhibitors
Other namesDMPP
Brand namejinma

Edit this paragraph release water soluble fertilizer - instant DMPP(Dimethylpyrazole phosphate)

1, instant DMPP using non chlorine containing raw material, the protection of cultivation can be used for a long time, avoid soil secondary salinization,soil and crop safety.

2, rapid dissolution, without residue.

3, add DMPP technology, control of ammonium into nitrate, according tocrop demand and ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen, promote healthy growth of crops.

4, the stability of long-acting fertilizer, especially suitable for winter use less water and fertilizer if circumstances, more suitable for fruit trees and otherslow harvest crops.

5, using the principle of soil colloidal particles charged adsorption of ammonium ion charged, after the application of reducing nitrate leachingand denitrification losses, saving resources Protect environment.